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Email: media@innity.com
Phone: +603-7880 5611
Fax: +603-7880 5622

Innity Sdn Bhd (500700-X) C501 & C502, Block C, Kelana Square, 17, Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA
Innity is committed to develop comprehensive, strategic solutions that meet the needs of our network partners. We strive to maintain high quality advertising content across all verticals by representing a diverse range of selected publishers, providing advertisers with the right target audience to maximise their return on investment.

Our publishers need resources that enable them to identify and leverage their best advertising opportunities. They want access to powerful technologies that help enhance revenues. Our solution provides dynamically optimised inventory allocation to maximise your advertising income at no additional resource.

Innity's commitment to publishers includes providing extensive publishers support and direct response to advertising opportunities for Innity Performance Network partners.

Advertisers have complete control over campaigns and receive real-time reports of campaign performance. Coupled with sophisticated techniques to reach online consumers, Innity's Performance Network provides advertisers with greater precision and value for their online campaigns.

The Performance Network
Fully maximise your inventory

Most Ad Networks usually hand pick their premium ad space and traffic, pays out high rates and sends the rest of remnant inventory to non-paying "defaults". Innity’s Performance Network, however, pays appropriate premium CPMs for those same impressions. Plus we can also fully maximise publisher remaining traffics with CPM/CPE rates driven by real-time market competition, with no volume limits and no defaults. Achieve highest possible CPMs for every impression.

What is Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE)?
This means of impression is free, Advertiser pay only when a user engages with your ad unit. Engagement is defined when user performs an action on a rich media ad unit such as a rollover to find out more, start a flash game, viral a message to friend etc.
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